Terms and Conditions

When you create a Photish site, that site is yours. It belongs to you. You are responsible for the site and for the content on the site.

For example, if you upload content, you are responsible for uploading that content.

If you allow users to join your site, then you are responsible for having shared all existing and future content on your site.

If you allow users to upload content to your site, you are responsible for facilitating that your users share content with other users. Depending on your local laws, you may be required to monitor the content being added to your site and proactively remove any content that you believe is illegal.

Photish can alter the terms and conditions for existing and new accounts and will inform account owners by email of this.

Photish operates at all times with a “Fair Use Policy” and determines whether such policy is broken. It may be in cases where Photish is used in ways it was not intended or in ways that makes operation of Photish difficult or expensive. In cases where the Fair Use Policy is applied, Photish will strive to warn beforehand and also strive to inform account holders transparently what the reason was for applying the Fair Use Policy.