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Create your own free photo site today and share it with anyone you want – or keep it to yourself.

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Who Uses Photish

Private Collection

Upload and browse your own photos as a backup and to free up space on your own computer.

Family Photos

Share those special memories with your family but out of reach of evil corporations.

Stock Photography

Create your own specialized stock photography site and let people browse and download your photos.

Special Interest

Crazy about horses? Make a horse themed photo site and invite all your horse crazy friends to upload their favorite horse photos.


Create a site for your school or workplace to share photos with each other.

Social Media

Create an open photo sharing site and be the owner of your own social media giant!



Store up to 10,000 photos for free and share with anyone you want - or keep it all to yourself.

It is likely that we will run ads in the future to finance hosting of your site.

Fair use

In most cases, even if you exceed any limits, you can continue to use Photish for free.

However, we may contact you and ask you to upgrade to Premium.


If you exceed usage limits, want special features such as guaranteed support, custom domain name or artificial intelligence, please contact us at support@photish.com.

Prices starting at $199 per month.

Ultimate Privacy

Maybe. You choose an account name and you will automatically get the domain “accountname.photish.com”. So if you choose a complicated and long account name, it is unlikely that anyone else will know what it is unless you tell them.

We will never publish any non-public account names on the Photish website or anywhere else.

That’s up to you. When you create a Photish site it is totally hidden and secret, for your eyes only.

However, you can configure your site to allow people to sign up and login to your site and then they can see everything. It’s up to you.


With one exception. We have to follow the law and if an authority has the right to access our data, then we have no choice but to allow them access.

No. We do not log when users use the sites or their ip addresses. However, it is possible that such things are logged directly or indirectly in the infrastructure in the cloud or in routers across the internet. We can only promise that we do not log user activity.

All access to Photish is encrypted with industry standard SSL certificates according to best practices, the same standard used for credit card payments.

Generally, data in Photish is encrypted at rest.

However, images are not encrypted because that would cause a performance overhead that would make it impossible to run the Photish service.

Or asked in another way: “Am I the product?”

First of all, understand that image hosting is extremely cheap, so running Photish is not very expensive.

Photish earns money in two ways:

  1. Premium customers pay per month.
  2. It is likely that we have run ads in free Photish accounts in the future.


Ads are hosted directly on Photish and so they cannot report back to any other service where they are served.

In addition, all links go through a proxy so the browser will not report to the target where it came from.